Mother Goose nursery rhymes

One drawing a day

Illustrations of the famous Mother Goose nursery rhymes. The "Mother Goose rhymes" have their origins in the oral tradition of verses from generation to generation. Some rhyme dating even hundreds of years ago and have been told thousands of times before they were put on paper. It is precisely this tradition I find interesting. Even Shakespeare was referring to these popular verses, written in simple sentences and still showing many aspects, some with a deeper meaning. Sometimes, just sometimes they do not refer to another reality and that, also in this time still speaks to the imagination. Thus they are seen by me. During the time I made illustrations for a large part of the rhymes of Mother Goose, see the website for more illustrations mother goose-illustrated. The exhibition consists of 20 of these drawings, this time supported by the matching poems. The exhibition gives an overview of the Mother Goose rhymes, in which different aspects, such as humor, simplicity and emotion, the drawings are emphasized. Check out these poems with illustrations on my Mother Goose website: Mother Goose Illustrated.